AI-Powered Guest Screening

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Take contactless check-ins to the next frontier

Automatically verify your guests' identities, protect your rental, and re-market to your guests with your customizable pre-checkin flow.

Chargeback Defense & Blacklist functionality

Automatically gather guest details and instantly generate a chargeback dispute document. Flag problematic guests with a single click, receiving alerts when they book again; irrespective of the booking channel.

Adhere to your property's regulations

Abide by HOA and other unique rules specific to your rentals.
Align with local compliance rquriements by customizing the data collection based on your property's specific regional needs.
Receive daily reports highlighting all guests set to check-in, sent directly to your team or appropriate authorities.

Customize your Business Rules

Customize guests verification requirements per property and per portal.
Automatically waive requirements based on your guests' booking source.
Create intelligent rules to customize your pre-check-in requirements based on your guests' loyalty (coming soon)

Answers to your questions

What is the main purpose of SuiteVerify?

SuiteVerify streamlines the pre-check-in process by securely and thoroughly verifying guest identities, capturing security deposits, and facilitating rental agreement signing—all in a contactless manner through the guest portal, SuitePortal.

Can you explain the Biometric Verification process?

SuiteVerify employs a two-step biometric verification, using artificial intelligence to compare a photo from a guest's ID to a real-time selfie the guest takes. This significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent bookings and ensures that the person booking is the person staying.

How does SuiteVerify help in Chargeback Prevention?

By meticulously verifying the identities of guests, SuiteVerify minimizes the risk of fraudulent bookings that often lead to chargebacks, offering greater financial security to operators.

Can I download the signed Rental Agreement?

Yes, you can download the signed Rental Agreement with just one click, making it convenient for record-keeping and compliance.

How does the Security Deposit capture work?

Security Deposit automatically holds and renews guest security deposits in a Stripe account of your choice, serving as a financial cushion against damages. Holds last 7 days and refresh every week. If unclaimed, the deposit auto-releases 72 hours post-stay, though bank delays may extend this to 5-7 business days.

Is SuiteVerify integrated into the Guest Portal?

Absolutely! The verification process is seamlessly integrated into the Guest Portal. Guests complete their verification directly on the portal, ensuring they can fully utilize its features only after their verification is concluded. This provides a consistent and streamlined experience for guests throughout their stay.

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