Built By Operators,
For Operators

Created by seasoned property managers and hoteliers, SuiteOp serves hospitality operators operating downtown buildings, boutique hotels, single-family homes, and unique accommodations.


Democratizing Access to Great Technology

Hospitality operators of every size deserve the benefits of the best avaiable technology to service their guests and ensure their teams operate efficiently.

SuiteOp was created to make the competitive advantages of large brands accessible to every operator ready to elevate their business.

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Unified Hospitality Technology

Imagine a unified property operations application, eliminating the need for multiple apps. Picture being able to entirely access it on mobile, delivering every single desktop feature right to your fingertips.

Now, add intelligent automations, where a guest's maintenance issue becomes an auto-generated and scheduled task.

And as your business grows, the platform's enterprise-grade capabilities become the most reliable partner in your expansion.

This is SuiteOp.

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Created with ♥ by hospitality operators


In the rapidly growing short-term rental space of the pre-COVID era, Jean-Emmanuel and Simon launched Sosuite, which became a leading short-term rental hospitality with hundreds of units under management.

While scaling their operation, they were persistently thwarted by the challenges of existing software solutions: disconnected platforms caused operational inefficiencies, high subscription fees, and equally inconsistent guest experiences.

Many tools, built by well-intentioned technologists, missed complexities of managing amodern, decentralized, contactless hospitality.

They set to develop a comprehensive operations and guest experience platform for modern hospitality operators that can be setup in minutes, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated to the tools operators already use.

SuiteOp was born and designed to stand by operators as they scaled, ensuring they never felt bottlenecked by their software. The platform's capabilities are designed to oversee as efficaciously dozens or thousands of properties across different location.

With user-friendliness at its core, SuiteOp guarantees that even those new to hospitality tech can harness its full power, ensuring businesses, big or small, have the tools to thrive.

Answers to your questions

How does SuiteOp differ from other hospitality tech platforms?

Unlike other platforms that often specialize in one area, SuiteOp was built by hospitality operators with decades of expeirence in the hospitality industry, and offers an integrated suite of modules, ranging from IoT management to task systems, all aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing guest experiences, and providing seamless integrations with a range of property management systems

What kind of properties is SuiteOp best suited for? Hotels? Short-term rentals? Both?

SuiteOp is tailored for hospitality operators, making it ideal for both hotels, vacation rentals, and short-term rentals. Its flexibility and comprehensive tools cater to the diverse needs of both segments, ensuring enhanced guest experiences across the board.

Is my data secure with SuiteOp? What measures do you take to ensure data privacy?
Is SuiteOp's platform user-friendly for operators are not as tech-savvy?

Designed with user experience in mind, SuiteOp's platform is intuitive and easy-to-use. Whether you're a novice looking to use technology to improve your operation or an expert that has used dozens of industry tools, SuiteOp's clean interface and straightforward onboarding ensure that managing your properties is a hassle-free experience.

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Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
Built for scale, from 1 to 10,000 units
All-in-one operations & guest experience platform
Benefit from the future of hospitality technology
Integrates seamlessly to the tools that you use
Smart Device management with broad compatibility
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Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.
Explore future-focused hospitality tech.
For operators of all sizes.
Comprehensive IoT & management suite.
Integrates seamlessly to what you use.
Broad hardware ecosystem compatibility.