24/7 Rental Monitoring

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Put your asset
monitoring on autopilot

Prevent unauthorized parties, get ahead of maintenance issues, and curb neighbor concerns. SuiteMonitor promptly alerts you about noise, humidity, air quality, and more to help create a worry-free operation.

Data-backed Defense

Export any alerts in one-click with powerful pdf reports that make it easy to file insurance or OTA claims, and combat false noise complaints from neighboors with historical data.

Mobile-First Dashboard Controls

Our mobile-first interface empowers you to take swift action and prevent issues before they escalate. Say goodbye to sleepeless nights worrying about parties.

Access your personalized dashboard anytime, and from anywhere for real-time insights, historical data, and instant alerts, enabling proactive issue resolution and remote management.

Integrations to Industry-Leading Monitoring Devices

Integrate to our unique NetAtmo integration and save on subscription fees, or SuiteOp connect to the services you use, like NoiseAware and Minut.

Book a demo now and enjoy a risk-free trial.

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Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
Built for scale, from 1 to 10,000 units
All-in-one operations & guest experience platform
Benefit from the future of hospitality technology
Integrates seamlessly to the tools that you use
Smart Device management with broad compatibility
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Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.
Explore future-focused hospitality tech.
For operators of all sizes.
Comprehensive IoT & management suite.
Integrates seamlessly to what you use.
Broad hardware ecosystem compatibility.

Answers to your questions

Do I need to purchase my own hardware for SuiteMonitor?

Yes, hardware is required. SuiteMonitor integrates with NetAtmo, offering comprehensive noise, humidity, temperature, C02, and air quality monitoring for just $3/month per device. If you're already using NoiseAware or Minut, you can integrate them into SuiteOp for the same low monthly fee, streamlining all your monitoring in one place.

What is the primary purpose of SuiteMonitor?

SuiteMonitor aims to provide centralized, real-time alerts to ensure the safety, security, and operational efficiency of your properties, including monitoring noise, and other data such as temperature, humidity, and air quality, depending on the hardware you use. For more information about the hardware integrations, visit the Monitoring section in our integrations page

Does SuiteMonitor require manual oversight?

No, the real-time alerts and centralized control significantly reduce the need for manual monitoring, thus optimizing property management.

How does SuiteMonitor help prevent mold?

SuiteMonitor continuously monitors humidity levels and sends timely alerts when conditions may promote mold growth, aiding in mold prevention.

Is SuiteMonitor scalable across multiple properties?

Yes, SuiteMonitor is designed for easy integration with multiple devices across diverse properties, making it ideal for operators with a broad portfolio.

Can I customize the alert thresholds?

Each property is unique, and we understand that. SuiteMonitor allows you to set customized thresholds for noise, temperature, and humidity levels to suit the unique requirements of each property, and you can easily make bulk updates across a wider portfolio too.